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Earth globe-rose bullet SPACE TODAY was founded as a print newsmagazine in 1986. It migrated to online publication in 1994 as SPACE TODAY ONLINE.
Earth globe-rose bullet SPACE TODAY ONLINE (STO) is written, edited and published by space analyst and historian Anthony R. Curtis, Ph.D., at Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA.
Earth globe-rose bullet The editor welcomes comments, questions and requests for professional analysis of current and historical events in space science and astronomy.
Anthony R. Curtis, Ph.D., Editor

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Anthony R. Curtis, Ph.D.

The editor is:
   NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador
   Apple Distinguished Educator
   American Radio Relay League Education Advisor
   Professor, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

The editor has been author of 72 books.
   Some titles are listed on the Web.

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