Big Pig Gig Printable Check-off List of Pigs.

This list is designed to assist you in your quest to see all the pigs this summer. Please note that this list is accurate as of 7/4/00 and can be as long as 25 pages depending on your printer. Locations of some of the pigs may change due to circumstances beyond our control. we will do everything we can to ensure this list is as accurate as possible.

Map #
Pig Name

1 Angel (A) Union Terminal Donna L. Stahl, M.D. Inc. for Breast Cancer Angels, Inc.
2 J.C. Ham (A) Union Terminal Hamilton County Juvenile Court for Hillcrest School
3 The Arts Will Make Your Pig Fly (A) Union Terminal Association for the Advancement of Arts Education
4 A Pigirl Scout's World (A) Union Terminal Girl Scouts - Great Rivers Council, Inc.
5 Alphapigabet (A) Union Terminal bigg's for Symmes Elementary, Sycamore Schools
6 Pigment of Our Imagination (A) Union Terminal Ethicon Endo Surgery, Inc. and Sycamore Community Schools for Edwin H. Greene Intermediate School, Sycamore Community School District
7 Newpig Aquarium (A) Union Terminal Bigg's Eastgate for Glen Este Middle School
8 Ms. Penciline (A) Union Terminal Ursaline Academy of Cincinnati
9 Turbo Pig (A) Union Terminal Bang Zoom Design Ltd.
10 Frankenswine (A) Union Terminal The Pomeranz Family for Proscan Imaging
11 There's No Place Like Ham (A) Union Terminal John T. Reis
12 The Pig Dipper (A) Union Terminal Cincinnati Magazine
13 Periodic Pig (A) Union Terminal Cognis Corporation
14 When Pigs Fly (A) Union Terminal Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens
15 Ham 'n' Eggs (A) Union Terminal John Brooks for 7 Hills (Lotspiech)
16 Pig on a RAMpage (A) Union Terminal Our Adopt-A-School Partners: Matandy Steel, Cisle Inc./Tomson Steel for Stephen T. Badin High School
17 Global Pig (B) Findlay Market (Globe window) Globe Furniture Galleries
18 Escape From Findlay Market (B) Findlay Market (in window) Castellini Foundation
20 Paganini Pig, A.K.A. Piganini (C) Cincinnati Art Muesum Jim Lopata for The Happy Pig Collectors Club
21 Pigall (C) Cincinnati Art Museum Patricia A. Vance Foundation & Karen F. Maier for (C) Cincinnati Art Museum
22 Pigasso (C) Cincinnati Art Museum Lynn and Tom Cooney
23 Pop Pig - Andy Warhog (C) Cincinnati Art Museum Volunteers of the Cincinnati Art Museum
24 Pigssarro (C) Cincinnati Art Museum Barry I. Randman Family for Liza and Louka
25 Pigtisse (C) Cincinnati Art Museum SMV Media (Sara M. Vance) for (C) Cincinnati Art Museum
26 CAM HAM (C) Cincinnati Art Museum Romelli Design, Inc. for (C) Cincinnati Art Museum
27 Roy Lichtenswine (C) Cincinnati Art Museum Volunteers of the Cincinnati Art Museum
28 Pigletxander Calder (C) Cincinnati Art Museum Trustees of the Cincinnati Art Museum
29 Eden Pork (C) Eden Park (Krohn Conservatory) BMF Board of Trustees for BMF Pediatric Care
30 Metamorphoswine (C) Eden Park (Krohn Conservatory) Mercy Health Partners
31 Plantapigamongus (C) Eden Park (Mirror Lake) The Board of Trustees for The Parks Foundation
32 Dandelion Swine (C) Eden Park (Mirror Lake) The Shepherd Color Company
33 Dare to Dream (C) Eden Park (Twin Lakes) Communicating Arts Credit Union
34 Leonardo's Flying Pig (C) Mt. Adams, St. Gregory by fountain or in front of school Art Academy of Cincinnati
35 Painted Pig (C) Mt. Adams, St. Gregory St. Fountain Towne Properties
36 Little Drummer Boar (C)Eden Park (Mirror Lake) New England Financial
37 Pig Works (C)Eden Park (Mirror Lake) Waite, Schneider, Bayless, & Chesley
38 Porkus Welby, M.D. (C)Eden Park (Twin Lakes) UC Physicians
39 Cooking with the Pig at Bigg's (C)Eden Park (Twin Lakes) Bigg's Hypermarket
40 Jimmy Boar-fett (C)Eden Park (Twin Lakes) Joyce Monger for Mariemont High School
41 Sown Miro (C)Eden Park (Twin Lakes) Louise Taft Semple Foundation for Cincinnati Country Day School (Upper School) and St. Bernard/Elmwood Place
42 Pig-malion (C)Eden Park at Playhouse in the Park Cincinnati Playhouse in the PORK
43 (D) Main & Central Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP for Main Street Ventures
44 Pork Chopper (D) Upper Main St. Ferd and Thelma Meinor for Harley-Davidson of Cincinnati, Inc.
45 Digital Swine (D)Main & Central marchFIRST
46 Wings of Hope (D)Upper Main (Kaldi's Window) Boys Hope Girls Hope
47 Uber Der Rhein Schwein (D)Upper Main St. Over-the-Rhine Foundation
48 AdBuster Pig (D)Upper Main St. Lightborne, Inc.
51 Spirit Dancing Pig (E) Central Parkway, Race & Central Arts Consortium of Cincinnati
52 The Sowtue of Liberty (E) Central Parkway, Race & Vine AAA Cincinnati
53 David HOGney (E) Central Pkwy at Vine John Morrell & Co. for School for Creative and Performing Arts
54 Swinescraper (E) Walnut & Central (outside Emery Theatre) GBBN Architects
55 Until There's a Cure (E)Central Parkway islands AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati/Caracole
56 Sow-ciety for the Preservation of Music Hall (F) Music Hall Anonymous Donor for The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall
57 Maestro Porko (F) Music Hall Mayfield Clinic and Spine Institute for May Festival
58 Pigliacci (F) Music Hall Ted Silberstein and Jackie Mack
59 Ham & Swiss On Rye To Go (G) Hamilton County Courthouse Plum Street Group
60 Bench and Boar (G) Hamilton County Courthouse, Main at Court Graydon Head & Ritchey LLP for Cincinnati Bar Foundation
61 Chamboar of Commerce (G)Main St. At Court in front of Courthouse Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce
62 Typigraphy (H) Court & Vine (entrance to Kroger) Richards Group Inc.
63 Inky Stinky (H) Court & Walnut (E. island) Berman Printing Co.
64 A Pigture is Worth a Thousand Words (H) Court & Walnut island Marilyn and Martin Wade
65 Hamtiques (H) Court & Walnut, W island Drackett Design and Antiques
66 Ham Salad (H) Court and Vine the Kroger Building The Kroger Co.
67 Porkopolis (H) Court St. Blvd island at Vine (in front of Kroger) Steed Hammond Paul
68 Foodie Tootie in the Land of a Sowsand Foods (H) Court St. In front of Post between Walnut & Main Jungle Jim's International Market
69 Phat Pig (H) Court St. Island at Main Cynthia and Rick Muhlhauser for Youth Opportunities United (Y.O.U.)
70 Sporky (H) Court St. Near Plum Cincinnati Fire Museum
71 Goetta Edubacon (I) Centennial Plaza on Central St. Mary School
73 Hamri Matisse (I) City Hall Amgen for The Barrett Cancer Center, University of Cincinnati
74 Porky Play'a (I) City Hall Louise Taft Semple Foundation for Woodward High School
75 The Picasso Pig (I) City Hall Louise Taft Semple Foundation for Aiken High School/Walnut Hills
76 Hamlich Maneuvre (I) City Hall The Heimlich Institute
77 Pig Pals (I) City Hall Thomas L. Conlan Education Foundation for Cincinnati Youth Collaborative
78 Preservation Pig (I) City Hall Cincinnati Preservation Association
79 Joink Miro (I) City Hall Fluor Daniel Fernald/Baker Concrete/Huber General Contracting/Berchie Holliday/Northwest HS Art Club,Students and Faculty for Northwest High School
80 Jeweliette (I)Centennial Plaza on Central Louise Taft Semple Foundation/7 Hills School Resale Shop for 7 Hills Upper School and Bobbie Fairfax School
81 Ms. Puercozilla Pigita Pigglesworth (A.K.A. Suee Eleanor Pigsby) (J) Piatt Park Notre Dame Academy
83 Hip Hop Hog (J) Piatt Park Walnut Hills High School Alumni Foundation for Walnut Hills High School
84 Roger Bacon (J) Piatt Park Roger Bacon High School
85 Pig of the Litter (J) Piatt Park Jim Tarbell for Annunciation School
86 O'pen...the Pig Idea! (J) Piatt Park LPK
87 Jewelia Pig (J) Piatt Park Boris Litwin Jewelers
88 Pignata (J) Piatt Park Marilyn and Martin Wade
89 O'pen...the Pig Idea! (J) Piatt Park LPK
90 The Park's Potted Pig (J) Piatt Park The Kiln at Hyde Park Square
91 Another Special Delivery from Good Samaritan Hospital (J) Piatt Park The Good Samaritans
92 Memory Vessel (J) Piatt Park outside Garfield House Jim Allen for Cincinnati Ballet
93 Hamlet (J) Piatt Park, E of race at Garfield Pl. A Friend of CSF for Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival
94 Pulled Pork (K) 120 E 8th St. Deskey, Integrated Branding
95 Pigskin (K) 5th & Elm, NW corner by Convention Center Cincinnati Bengals
96 The Three Little Pigs: House of Straw (K) 8th & Walnut entry to (K) Library Chris and Jim Geier
97 The Three Little Pigs: House of Bricks (K) 8th & Walnut entry to (K) Library The Donovan Family
98 The Three Little Pigs: House of Sticks (K) 8th & Walnut entry to (K) Library Jo Joseph
99 Hogtoberfest (K) Library Nagel Middle School, Forest Hills S.D.
100 A Swine of Signs (K) Library Louise Taft Semple Foundation for St. Rita School for the Deaf
101 Pig in the Sky (K) Library College of Mount St. Joseph
102 The Liboary Pig: Pig Out on Books (K) Library Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
103 Hogwarts from the Harry Potter Books (K) Library Rumpke Waste Removal Systems for Pleasant Run Middle School
104 Pig-ture Success (K) Library Lason for Indian Hill Middle School
105 Piggy in Pigamas (K) Library Biggs for Oakdale Elementary School
106 Pig 'O My Heart (K) Library St. Columban School
107 I Spy Pig (K) Library (Entrance to) Sally and Holden Wilson, Jr./Jan and Owen J. Wrassman for BMF Pediatric Care
108 Hog Tied (K) Library, Children's Reading Courtyard Ayer Student Council for Ayer Elementary
109 The Great Cincinnati Pig (K) Library, Children's Reading Courtyard Kilgour PTA for Kilgour Elementary School
110 The Pigamore Aviator (K) Library, Upper Plaza The Montgomery Elementary PTO for Montgomery Elementary
111 Hand Over 'Da Pig! (K) Library, Upper Plaza Paine Webber, Skyline Chili, Attach Mate, Delhi Nursery, Springdale Elementary P.T.A. for Springdale Elementary School
112 King Millie (K) Library, Upper Plaza Kings Mills Elementary PTO for Kings Mills Elementary
113 Pig In Space (K) Library, Upper Plaza Bigg's - Sky Top Plaza for Mercer Elementary
114 The Pig Bang Theory (K) Library, Vine & 9th Planet Products
115 Pigtales (K) Library, Vine Street Entrance Nancy and David Wolf
116 Sow Power (K) Library, Walnut St. Entrance YWCA
117 The Rib King (L) 6th St. Near (S) Fountain Square passageway The Montgomery Inn for Sycamore Junior High School
118 Go Veg Piggy (L) 7th & Main People for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsvPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
119 His Dreams Took Him On A Colorful Journey (L) NE corner of 7th & Main The Wilson Art Stores
120 Swine and Dine (L) NW corner of Main & 8th Mio's Pizzeria for TDB
121 Hog Wash (L) NW corner of Main & 9th Steve Fischer
122 Stainless Squeal (L)Main St. Btwn 6th & 7th (front of Hartford Bldg.) Ferguson Metals Inc.
123 Stage Hams (M) Aronoff (7th & Main Plaza) Cincinnati Stage Employees Local #5
124 Road Hog (M) Aronoff Center The Wood Family
125 Swine Lake (Odette) (M) Aronoff Center Gordon and Nadine Brunner for The Cincinnati Ballet
126 Swine Lake (Odile) (M) Aronoff Center Harry and Linda Fath for The Cincinnati Ballet
127 Swine Lake (Porkiskaya) (M) Aronoff Center Melody Sawyer Richardson for The Cincinnati Ballet
128 Swine Lake (Swine-Hilda) (M) Aronoff Center Richardson McKinney for The Cincinnati Ballet
129 Goldie Hocks - How Great Sow Art (M) Aronoff Center Shannon and Lee Carter for Fine Arts Fund
130 The Phantom of the Slopera (M) Aronoff Center (corner of 6th & Walnut facing crosswalk) Fifth Third Bank Broadway Series
131 Sparkling Swine (M) Aronoff Center (next to planter) Heidelberg Distributing Company
132 Piglit (M) Aronoff Center (North Plaza) Twink Carothers for LKC Foundation
133 Art Springs Internal (M) Aronoff Center (North Plaza) Cincinnati Arts Association
134 Swine Lake (Hoofanova) (M) Aronoff Center (towards main theatre) The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation for The Cincinnati Ballet
135 Juicy Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (N) 580 Building 6th & Main (NW corner) Richter & Phillips Jewelers
136 Only in America (N) 580 Building 6th & Walnut Carl H. Lindner for Great American Insurance, Co.
137 Maisownette (N) 580 Building 6th between Walnut & Main, opposite side from Maisonette The Maisonette Group
138 Ryley (N) 580 Building 6th St. Ryland Homes
139 Champigne (N) 580 Building 6th St. Between Walnut & Main Marilyn and Martin Wade
140 Pigtoria's Secret (N) 580 Building Main & 6th along SW corner The Plastic Surgery Group, Food Specialties, Brendamour and Lawrence Kurtzman, MD for The Cincinnati Ballet
141 The Law - In a Pig's Eye (O) Commerce Center The Lawfirm of Wood & Lamping LLP
142 Cheshire Pig (O) Commerce Center, 6th & Vine Convergys
143 Chop 'til you Drop (P) 7th near Vine Federated Department Stores, Inc.
144 Choice Cuts (P) NW corner of 6th & Vine (outside Cincinnatian Hotel) CityBeat
145 All Aboard! (P) Vine St. Between 5th & 6th (front of Society Bank Building Overhang) Cincinnati Museum Center
146 Ms. Sow Jones 2000 (Q) 525 Vine (skywalk) Prudential Securities for Mason High School
147 Duke of Porkopolis (Q) 525 Vine (skywalk) Duke-Weeks Realty Corporation
148 Going for Boaroque (Q) 525 Vine (skywalk) Prudential Securities for Mason School District
149 Un Cochon dans le Jardin (R) 5th & Vine, NW Corner Tiffany & Co.
150 Patsey the Phenomenal, Prancing, Paisley, Piano-Playing Porker (S) Fifth Third Lobby (near FS) Baldwin Piano Company
151 Pig of Possibilities (S) Fountain Square Paycor, the Payroll Service Company
152 The Fifth Third Piggy Bank (S) Fountain Square Fifth Third Bank
153 A Pig For All Seasons - Spring (S) Fountain Square Darlene and Jeff Anderson, Melody Richardson and The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation for The Cincinnati Ballet
154 Media Hog (S) Fountain Square Clear Channel Television & Radio for Neediest Kids of All
155 East-West Pig (S) Fountain Square The Cincinnati Enquirer
156 A Pig For All Seasons - Autumn (S) Fountain Square Darlene and Jeff Anderson, Melody Richardson and The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation for The Cincinnati Ballet
157 Pig Out On Plastic (S) Fountain Square Milacron, Inc.
158 Pork Rules (S) Fountain Square John Morrell & Co.
159 Sownd Investor (S) Fountain Square Ohio National Financial Services
160 She's a Honey (S) Fountain Square The Honeybaked Ham Company
161 Big Red Machine (S) Fountain Square Carl H. Lindner for Cincinnati Reds
162 Styler Davidsown Fountain (S) Fountain Square Jack Rouse Associates
163 Hog Tide (S) Fountain Square Tide
165 Sow von Carpenter (S) Fountain Square Turner Construction Company
166 Oink, Sugar Creek's Sugar Fine Swine (S) Fountain Square Sugar Creek Packing Co.
167 Pig Boy (S) Fountain Square Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants
168 Leonardo's Whirly Pig (S) Fountain Square Delta Air Lines for Neediest Kids of All
169 Deadline Swine (S) Fountain Square City Dash
170 Pig-Tac-Toe (S) Fountain Square The Folgers Coffee Company
171 SNORT-OINK-EEL (S) Fountain Square Newport Aquarium
172 Kahn-versation Piece (S) Fountain Square Hillshire Farm & Kahn's
173 When We Win the Super Bowl (S) Fountain Square Colliers International
174 Technical Sow (S) Fountain Square (Fifth Third Property) Jan and Owen Wrassman for Mathis Foundation for Children
175 Cupig (S) Fountain Square (Fifth Third property) Concrete Technology, Inc. for University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Interior Design
176 Non-Profit-Pig (S) Fountain Square (Fifth Third property) Staley/Robeson/Ryan/St. Lawrence, Inc.
177 Sow What Ye Reap (S) Fountain Square (Fifth Third property) Marilyn and Martin Wade
178 Salvador Pigali (S) Fountain Square (SW corner of 6th & Walnut) Hans French
179 Reginald, Dressed to the Swines (S) Fountain Square / 5/3 Property Walnut between 5th & 6th Haute Chocolate, Inc. And Oswald Company, Inc.
180 Bjorn Boarg (S) Fountain Square at 6th & Walnut, SW corner John Tisdel Distributing
181 Saksy Babe (T) 101 W. 5th St. Saks Fifth Avenue
182 (T) 5th & Elm People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
183 Porkemon (T) 5th & Race Lazarus
184 2 Sowsend (T) 5th in front of Saks The Art Institute of Cincinnati (formerly ACA College of Design)
185 Piggy-Go-Round (T) Carew Tower Arcade Rotary Club of Cincinnati for Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati
186 Orange Barrow, The Road Hog (T) NW corner of 5th & Race Stanley and Frances Cohen
187 The Puccini Pig (T) Race St. Between 4th & 5th (next to Saks brick wall) Cincinnati Opera Guild
188 MerSOWdes (U) 5th & Vine (Westin) Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati
189 Cinsownnati Pig (U) 5th St. in front of Bank Firstar Bank
191 Animal House (U) 6th & Vine, NW corner xpedx, An International Paper Company
192 ChoruSOW (U) Westin Atrium Betsy Young for May Festival
193 Tenorloin (U) Westin Atrium Margie and Larry Kyte for May Festival
194 Boaritone (U) Westin Atrium Len and Sherie Marek for May Festival
195 Altoink (U) Westin Atrium Warners for May Festival
196 Sowprano (U) Westin Atrium Cynthia and Rick Muhlhauser for May Festival
197 Anne-SOWphie Mutter (U) Westin Atrium near escalator Jim Lopata for The Happy Pig Collectors Club
198 sHOGun (U)Westin Lobby Klinedinst Family
199 The Sacred Sow (V) Federal Reserve Park Interior Services Incorporated for The Feng Shui Annex
200 Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (V) Federal Reserve Park Enjoy the Arts/START
201 CPA (Certified Piglet Accountant) (V) Federal Reserve Park (5th & Main) Grant Thornton LLP
202 Piggin' Out On Art! (V-F)(Covington) Mainstrasse, 6th & Philadelphia 50 Plus Magazine
203 Pig Latin (W) 5th & Main (PNC Center) Frost & Jacobs LLP
204 Boarrister (W) 5th & Sycamore, must be at the corner unless otherwised discussed Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
205 Pig-a-lily (W) 5th St. At Columbia Pkwy. Smale Family
206 Alan Greenspam (W) Chemed Center (Courtyard) A.G. Edwards & Sons for Clark Montessori
207 Carmine Swine (W) Chiquita Center Carl H. Lindner for Chiquita Brands International
208 (W) Chiquita Center Ernst & Young
209 Porkfolio by PNC (W) PNC Center Plaza PNC for The Carnegie Arts Center
210 Pigasus (X) Lytle Park Creekwood Construction
211 Amelia PigArt (X) Lytle Park Amelia High School
212 Taking Flight on the Silver Knight (X) Lytle Park The Summit Country Day School
213 Sowmwhere Over the Rainbow (X) Lytle Park Chumbley-Rankle Construction for Anderson High School
214 The Button Glutton (X) Lytle Park Sycamore High School, Sycamore Community Schools
215 Ham Sweet Ham (X) Lytle Park Sibcy Cline Realtors
216 Senator Pig (X) Lytle Park Louise Taft Semple Foundation for Taft High School
217 Squeal of Fortune (X) Lytle Park Susie Gaynor/Maureen Pippin
220 Erectheham on the Porkcropolis (X) Lytle Park Beck Architecture/Donald Beck/Lawrence Eynon M.D.
221 Marbelized Pig-ment (X) Lytle Park Rosemary and Frank Bloom
222 A Fly in the Oinkment (X) Lytle Park Auxiliary of Bethesda Hospitals, Inc.
223 It's Pigementary (X) Lytle Park Bigg's Hypermarket Harrison for Whitewater Valley Elementary
224 Hams Across America (X) Lytle Park Albert and Marion Brown, Jr. for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati, Inc.
225 Porcine Porc-elain (X) Taft Museum Genevieve Hilmer for Taft Museum of Art
226 Sheakin' Bacon (Y) 4th at Broadway outside of Queen City Club The Sheakley Group of Companies
228 Squeaky Clean (Y) E 4th at Broadway in front of University Club Professional Maintenance of Cincinnati
229 Turpin Swine and Sister Sows (Y) E 4th St. In front of Guilford School Turpin High School
230 Hog Wild (Y) Western Southern Park Williams Family
232 Topigary (Y) Western Southern Park 4th & Sycamore Betsy LaMaccia for The Civic Garden Center
233 Big Nutcracker Boy (Y)Western Southern Park Blanche F. Maier for The Cincinnait Ballet
234 Hamstrings (Z) 4 W 4th St. (outside Hershedy Bldg.) Frank Messer & Sons Construction Company for Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
235 Mr. Chops (Z) 4 W 4th St. (outside Hershedy Bldg.) Firstar for Friends of the Pops
236 Hammibal Crossing the Rhine (Z) 4 W. 4th St. The Corbett Foundation for American Classical Music Hall of Fame
237 Romulus (Z) 406 Walnut St.(4th and Walnut) ITA Meeting & Presentation Services
238 Donald Rump, Pygmalion-aire (Z) 406 Walnut St.(4th and Walnut) Keating Lame Roe
239 Watt a Pig! (Z) 4th & Main (inside building) Cinergy for The Wellness Community
240 Divine Swine (Z) 4th & Sycamore Christ Church Cathedral
241 Olympig (Z) 4th & Vine in front of Provident Bank - CALL BLDG MGR Atkins & Pearce Technology for Cincinnati 2012, Inc.
242 Sow Jones (Z) 4th & Walnut (105 E. Walnut) Donahue Companies
243 Hot Pig in a Blanket (Z) 4th & Walnut (in bay W of Galleria) Ruth W. Westheimer and Family
244 Fine Swine (Z) 4th & Walnut (SW corner in front of Dixie Terminal) The Huntington National Bank
245 Typigraphic (Z) 4th at TJ Maxx Sanger & Eby Design
246 Pigaletto (Z) 4th between Vine & Walnut, Provident Park Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crain for Cincinnati Opera
247 Cow-Abunga (Z) 4th between Vine & Walnut, Provident Park Provident Bank
248 'N A PIG'S EYE (Z) 4th St. At Fed. Reserve Bank Media Bridges Cincinnati
249 Link (Z) 4th St. Between Main & Sycamore (inside) Cincinnati Bell for Cincinnati Bell Wireless
250 O Sowlo Meeeeeo (Z) Atrium One Convergys
251 Hog Wire (Z) Atrium One/Two (near Fountain) Cincinnati Bell for Cincinnati Bell
252 Mudgellan (Z) Atrium Plaza (4th & Sycamore, SW corner) Discovery Channel
253 Homer (Z) Atrium Plaza, 4th St. Between Main & Sycamore The Drees Company
254 WUBE Pig (Z) McAlpin's window Chancellor Media Corp. for WUBE
255 Pigasaurus (Z) McAlpin's Window Thomas L. Conlan Education Foundation
256 Queen Porktunia (Z) McAlpin's Window Greater Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau
258 Hammin' on Main (Z) McAlpins Window Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc. (Jim Flood)
259 Rock-A-Bye Piggy (Z) McAlpins Window T.G.I.Friday's
260 The Silky Sow with Ham Bag (Z) McAlpins Window The Silky Way
261 The Days of Swine and Roses (Z) McAlpins Window Cincinnati International Wine Festival
262 The Piggest Show on Earth (Z) McAlpins Window Ruth Levinson for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
263 Porkupine (Z) NW corner of Main & 4th Sena, Weller, Rohs, Williams, Inc.
264 Squeal Estate Developer (Z-1) 3rd & Plum Al Neyer, Inc.
265 A Walk In The Pork (Z-1) 401 Race St. Closson's
266 Oinkitecture (Z-1) 4th & Race Michael Schuster Associates
267 Elvis Pigsley (Z-1) 4th & Race across from Clossons FRCH Design Worldwide/Kohnen & Patton LLP/Rippe & Kingston Co. PSC
268 Idea Hog (Z-1) 4th St. (E of Elm) Northlich
269 Piganthropy (Z-1) Greater Cincinnati Foundation Lobby The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
270 Cincinnati Coney (Z-1)4th & Race, NW corner Gold Star Chili/Blue Grass Quality Meats/Klosterman Baking Co.
271 The Other White Meat (Z-1)Race St. Btwn 4th & 5th (East sidewalk:bump-out by Tower Place mall entrance) Zumbiel Packaging
272 Sow's It Goin,' Cincinnati? (Z-2) 312 Walnut St. J.C. Bradford & Co. for Mathis Foundation for Children
273 Paddle Squealer (Z-2) 312 Walnut St. William M. Mercer, Incorporated
274 ScrippSOWard (Z-2) 312 Walnut St. Scripps Howard Foundation
275 Vincent Van Hogh (Z-2) 312 Walnut St. Walter L. Gross, Jr. & Family
276 Pork of Entry (Z-3) (Newport) SENCORP front lawn SENCORP
277 In the Piginning (Z-3) Saywer Point McSwain Flooring America for Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
278 Hoosier Hampshire (Z-3) Saywer Point Bigg's Hypermarket for Sunman Elementary
279 Sow-Vatore Pastavino (Z-3) Saywer Point Italianni's Restaurant, Florence, KY
280 Pigture Porkfect (Z-3) Saywer Point Ayer PTA for Ayer Elementary
281 Oinkappella (Z-3) Saywer Point Union Central Insurance and Investments
282 Lucius (Lucky) Quinctus Pigasus (Z-3) Saywer Point Cincinnatus Association
284 Michaelhamgelo (Z-3) Saywer Point Sycamore Junior High School for Sycamore Junior High School
285 I Squeal, You Squeal, We All Squeal For Ice Cream (Z-3) Saywer Point United Dairy Farmers for Indian Hill Middle School-Art Department
286 Ayer Elementary's Self-Porkrait (Z-3) Saywer Point Ayer Elementary
287 Cured Ham Sandwich (Z-3) Saywer Point Margie Rauh for Multiple Sclerosis Society
288 Hamingway (Z-3) Saywer Point Joseph-Beth Booksellers
289 Hog Wired (Z-3) Saywer Point BICC General
290 Armored Hammer (Z-3) Saywer Point Federation Antiques Inc.
291 Sow Spring (Z-3) Saywer Point The Longi Family
292 High on the Hog (Z-3) Saywer Point Bartlett & Co.
293 Jiggin' Piggy (Z-3) Saywer Point (Serpentine Wall) Cincinnati Folk Life/The Dubliner Irish Pub
294 The Marathon Pig (Z-3) Saywer Point (walkway split East of Bridge) The Lottery Channel for The Flying Pig Marathon
295 Key Lardo, Known from Roast to Roast (Z-3) Saywer Point on sidewalk Mike Albert Leasing
296 The Messenger (Z-3)(Newport) SENCORP front lawn Priority Dispatch
297 Sunlite Sowly (Z-4) (Newport) Riverboat Row near Remingtons Coney Island
298 Pig Out÷Often (Z-4) (Newport) Riverboat Row, E of L&N Bridge at floodwall steps Greater Cincinnati Restaurant Association
299 Jake Swiney's Boarvette (Z-4) (Newport) Riverboat Row, steps across from Remingtons Jake Sweeney Automotive
300 CyBOARg (Z-4) (Newport) Riverboat Row, under tree W of L&N Bridge IAMS
301 Pig Power (Z-4) (Newport) Riverboat, E of L&N Bridge (mulch bed) Estelle G. Walgreen
302 Mad Swine-tist (Z-4) Riverboat E. of L&N Bridge (mulch bed) BIO/START
303 Pigbird (Z-4)(Newport) Riverboat Row at kiosk KFORCE.COM for Archbishop Moeller High School
304 Certified Pork Accountant (Z-4)(Newport) Riverboat Row below floodwall in grass near Aquarium KPMG LLP
305 Porkala Piglee, Star of Hogwatch (Z-4)(Newport) Riverboat Row below floodwall in grass near Aquarium Joanie and Lou Lauch for Kentucky Building Maintenance, Inc.
306 Parrothead Pig (Z-4)(Newport) Riverboat Row near Remingtons Riverbend
307 The CEO (Z-5) Newport Aquarium inc.
308 Hogging the Market (Z-5) Newport Aquarium Fidelity Investments
309 A Pig For All Seasons - Summer (Z-5) Newport Aquarium Darlene and Jeff Anderson, Melody Richardson and The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation for The Cincinnati Ballet
310 Pig Bird (Z-5) Newport Aquarium-Floodgate/ Boardwalk A Friend of WCET 48 for WCET 48
311 Hamlite (Z-5)(Newport) E of L&N Bridge, Riverboat Row D. L. Schiff
312 Grillin' Ribs (Z-6) (Newport) James Taylor Park JTM Food Group
313 AHIMSA (Non Injury To Any Being) (Z-6) (Newport) James Taylor Park Earthsave Cincinnati and Farm Sanctuary
314 TutankHAMun (Z-6) (Newport) James Taylor Park Schiff, Kreidler-Shell Insurance
315 Sowmerfair (Z-6) (Newport) James Taylor Park Summerfair, Inc.
316 Powerful Pig (Z-6) (Newport) Taylor Southgate Bridge, entry at 3rd GE Aircraft Engines
317 Queen Piggy of the West (Z-6) (Newport) top of Riverwalk Cincinnati Financial Corporation/The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
318 One Thousand One Arabiham Nights (Z-6) (Newport) top of Riverwalk Harkavy Family
319 Respect Pig (Z-7) (Newport) 3rd & York in front of St. Paul's Church Susan's Natural World/Amy's Natural Nutrition/Cincinnati Natural Foods/Clifton Natural Foods/Toomey Natural Foods
320 Yellow Submarine (Z-7) (Newport) sidewalk in front of Campbell County Courthouse Novartis Oncology for The Barrett Cancer Center, University of Cincinnati
321 Great American Swine Art (Z-7) (Newport) sidewalk in front of Courthouse August A. Rendigs Foundation, W. Roger Fry, Trustee for Great American Artists
322 Peaceful Pig (Z-7) (Newport) World Peace Bell Brighton Center
323 World Peace Pig (Z-7) (Newport) World Peace Bell Schering-Plough/Roche for The Barrett Cancer Center, University of Cincinnati
324 Montesso(w)ri at The New School: Pig in a (Peace) Blanket (Z-7)(Newport) World Peace Bell The New School
325 Pigture Perfect Smiles (Z-7)(Newport) World Peace Bell Cosmetic & Implant Dental Center
326 Pigplant (Z-8)(Newport) (Farmer's market entrance) Monmouth between 7th and 8th Emmalee Greiner
327 Mr. Meatless (Z-8)(Newport) (Farmer's mkt entr.) Monmouth between 7th & 8th Animal Rights Community/Cincinnati Vegetarian Resource Group
328 Slam-Jam Suey (Z-8)(Newport) Monmouth St. Btwn 8th & 9th (front of Firstar Bank) Robbins Sports Surfaces
329 Welcome to NewPork - The View Is Great (Z-9) (Newport) (I) City Hall SENCORP
330 The City of Newpork (Z-9) (Newport) at (I) City Hall City of Newport
331 Franc Pig Yen Dow (Z-A) (Covington) G.R. Clark Park Haberer Registered Investments for Cincinnati Horticultural Society
332 Swine and Roses (Z-A) (Covington) George Roger's Clark Park Historic Licking Riverside Civic Association
334 Sunday Drive Pig (Z-A) (Covington) Riverside Dr. Klosterman Baking Company
335 Piglenium (Z-A)(Covington) Riverside between Garrad & Kennedy Bruce A. Cook, Inc.
336 Be Piggish (Z-B) (Covington) Convention Center, SW corner 2nd & Madison Merrill Lynch & Co. for Beech Acres
337 piNKY (Z-B) (Covington) Convention Center, SW corner 2nd & Madison Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau
338 This Lit'l Piggy Went to Remke Market (Z-B) (Covington) Landing Remke Markets
339 Pig in a Blanket (Z-B) (Covington) River Center, 2nd St. Stephen and Inez Allen for CTS Packaging, Inc.
340 Circlepork (Z-B) (Covington) River Center, 2nd St. Corporex Companies
341 Pig Iron (Z-B) (Covington) River Center, 2nd St. Bonnie and Charlie Moore
342 Construction Porker (Z-C) (Covington) along Suspension Bridge entry Frank Messer & Sons Construction Co.
343 A Pig For All Seasons - Winter (Z-C) (Covington) islands West of the Yoke Darlene and Jeff Anderson, Melody Richardson and The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation for The Cincinnati Ballet
344 Porker's Wild (Z-C) (Covington) Scott & 4th The U.S. Playing Card Company
345 Albert Swinestein (X) Lytle Park Sue and Bill Friedlander
346 Country Ham Pig (Z-C) (Covington) Scott between 3rd and 4th, E side Tom, Francie, Allison, Andy & Peter Hiltz
347 Piggy Max (Z-C)(Covington) 3rd & Greenup Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology and SmithKline Beecham Oncology for The Barrett Cancer Center, University of Cincinnati
348 These Little Piggies (Z-C)(Covington) along suspension bridge entry toward 3rd Children's Hospital Medical Center
349 Pizza Pignic (Z-D) (Covington)417 Madison (grassy area to rt.) LaRosa's Pizzerias
350 Pig in a Poke (Z-D) (Newport) Madison at 5th in front of Army Surplus Duro Bag Mfg. Co.
351 WB64 Frog Hog (Z-D)(Covington) Madison & Pike WSTR-TV (WB64)
352 Bringin' Home the Bacon (Z-D)(Covington) Madison Ave (513?) between 5th & 6th Lyons & Fries Co., L.P.A.
353 Miss Patchwork Pork (Z-D)(Covington) Madison between Pike & 7th Maysville-Mason County Tourism Commission for Ohio River Valley Artists Guild
354 Industrial Revolutionary Pig (Z-D)(Covington) Madison between Pike & 7th Monnie & O'Conner Co. L.P.A.
355 Blues Brother (Z-D)(Covington) Madison between Pike & 7th Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
356 Uncle Ham (Z-D)(Covington) N of 5th Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky
357 Pigliacci (H) Court Street Island at Walnut Jack and Moe Rouse for WGUC-FM Radio
358 A Pig's Tale: History on the Hoof (Z-D)Pike & Madison (in front of Motch Jewelers) Adams Stepner, Waltermann & Dusing/CBC Foundation, Inc./Fabulous Furs/The Madison/Loft Development/Mind & Matter Gallery/Motch Jewelers/Old Town Cafe/The Point Restaurant & Catering/McDaniels Interiors/Kirby-Mizak Advertising/Bogart Productions
359 Porkhos (Z-E)(Covington) 11th & Madison at Cathedral Xavier University
360 DAAPig - Swine Design (Z-E)(Covington) 11th & Madison at Cathedral University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning Alumni Governing Board
361 Hamilton's Hog (Z-E)(Covington) 11th between Madison & Scott Bob and Sandy Heimann
362 Don Pigiovanni (Z-E)(Covington) 11th St. Between Scott & Greenup David C. Herriman for Department for Community Based Services
363 Boartender (Z-E)(Covington) 2nd St. Between Madison & Scott in front of hotel Greater Cincinnati Hotel and Motel Association
364 Hi! I'm Artie De Oink, see me at Art Links! (Z-E)(Covington) 3rd & Scott island Art Links
365 Highland Lassie Pig (Z-E)(Covington) Carnegie, Scott St. National Art Honor Society/Citizens of Fort Thomas for Highlands High School
366 Uperse Igpe, The Pig Latin Pig (Z-E)(Covington) Carnegie, Scott St. Dixie Heights High School
367 Poinky Pig (Z-E)(Covington) Madison at Cathedral Irwin Weinberg for Assistance in Marketing Inc.
368 Celestial Swine (Z-E)(Covington) Madison at Cathedral Executive Benefits, Inc. for The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America New York, NY
369 Pig Dreams I (Z-E)(Covington) SE corner, 11th at Scott ACME Construction Services
370 Swine Art (Z-E)(Covington) The Carnegie Ashland, Inc. Foundation for The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center
371 Covington Retriever (Z-E)11th St. Blvd. At Scott The Friends of Covington/Cincinnati Bell
372 Austin Sowers (Z-F)(Covington) 6th & Main The Zaring Family Foundation
373 Leader-Hogen Cincinnati (Z-F)(Covington) 6th & Philadelphia in front of Glockenspiel Leadership Cincinnati Alumni Association
374 Wake Up and Smell the Bacon (Z-F)(Covington) Mainstrasse, 6th St. Islands by Goose Girl Fountain Greater Cincinnati Hotel and Motel Association
375 One Swine Day in May (Z-F)6th & Bakewell 14 Mainstrasse Village Businesses
376 Risin' Swine (Z-F)corner of 6th & Main Covington Community Center, Inc./Mainstrasse Village Association/Mainstrasse Neighbors Association
377 Toyota Hamry (Z-G)Airport Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Inc.
378 The Spirit of Pigcinnati (Z-G)Airport Lois and Richard Rosenthal Foundation
379 Pig in the City (Z-G)Airport Kendle International Inc.
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