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How High is Space?



Altitude Object
238,794 miles The Moon            the view from here
22,300 miles Clarke Belt, stationary communication, broadcast satellites
6,000-12,000 miles Global positioning satellites
3,000-6,000 miles Science satellites
600-1,200 miles Spysats
300-600 miles Weather satellites, photography satellites
250-435 miles Exosphere of Earth's atmosphere
250-50,000 miles Early-warning satellites, Molniya communication satellites
200-250 miles International Space Station
115-400 miles Space Shuttles
100-300 miles Navigation satellites, hamsats
62 miles SPACE starts here at 100 kilometers        the view from here
50 miles NASA awards astronaut status for flights above 50 miles
30-50 miles Mesosphere of Earth's atmosphere
11-30 miles Stratosphere of Earth's atmosphere, including the ozone layer
65,000 feet Hot air balloon altitude record
63,360 feet Twelve miles high
60,000 feet Tops of highest cumulonimbus thunderhead clouds
6-11 miles Troposphere of Earth's atmosphere, including weather we feel on the surface
58,080 feet Eleven miles high
55,000 feet Concorde jet aircraft
54,000 feet Oxygen only one percent of that at sea level
52,800 feet Ten miles high
36,000 feet Oxygen only ten percent of that at sea level
36,000 feet Commercial airliners
29,028 feet Mt. Everest highest mountain
29,000 feet Bar-headed geese cross Himalayas from India to central Asia
26,400 feet Five miles high
21,120 feet Four miles high
21,000 feet Commercial airliner struck mallard duck over Nevada desert
20,000 feet Cirrocumulus and cirrus high cloud bases above here
20,000 feet Altocumulus and altostratus middle cloud bases below here
20,000 feet Some songbirds and shorebirds migration
20,032 feet Mt. McKinley highest North American mountain
20,000-40,000 feet Jet stream of upper-altitude high-speed winds
15,840 feet Three miles high
18,000 feet Oxygen only fifty percent of that at sea level
11,000 feet Monarch butterfly migration
10,594 feet Monarch Butterfly sanctuary in Mexico
10,560 feet Two miles high
10,000 feet Above 99 percent of bird migration
10,000 feet Bald eagles
6,500 feet Cumulus, stratus and stratocumulus low cloud bases below here
6,500 feet Top of daytime boundary layer, lowest of troposphere's two layers
5,280 feet One mile high
5,000 feet Only ten percent of bird migration above here
5,000-6,000 feet Typical North American thermals
2,000-4,000 feet Most songbird migration
2,000 feet Typical hot air balloon flight
2,000 feet Two-thirds of all bird-aircraft collisions below here
1,483 feet Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, tallest building
1,450 feet Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois, second tallest building
1,380 feet Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai, China
1,368 feet World Trade Center twin towers, New York, before 9/11/01
1,283 feet Citic Plaza, Guangzhou, China
1,260 feet Shun Hing Square, Shenzhen, China
1,250 feet Empire State Building, New York City, United States        the view from here
600-900 feet Top of nighttime boundary layer, lowest of troposphere's two layers
500 feet Most birds fly below here, except during migration
367 feet Tallest living tree
347 feet Space shuttle launch pad tower structure
155 feet Atlas-5 rocket, Delta-4 rocket, erect on launch pad
151 feet Statue of Liberty
4-7 feet Human beings
0 feet Fog, a low stratus cloud with base on the ground
0 feet Surface of Earth – Sea Level          the view from here
3963 miles Center of Earth from surface


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