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The Planet Earth:
Lesotho Poltergeist was a Meteorite

Meteor streaks through Earth's sky - source Nine Planets
A meteor streaks through Earth's sky
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Residents of the village of Boqate Ha Sofonia in Lesotho, an enclave of South Africa, thought that ghosts were after them when things began to rattle their roofs, according to a BBC report.

First, people across the country heard a loud noise in the sky. Then, a large stone smashed into a villager's kitchen, breaking a plastic container. She immediately blamed a thokolosi – a poltergeist – and sprinkled holy water on the stone and around the house. No more stones fell.

Another resident kept the stones that fell on her roof to show that it actually happened. Such samples later showed scientists that the ghostly outbreak of mysterious rocks actually had been caused by a meteor shower.

A National University of Lesotho team of investigators asked local residents to retrieve some samples. Schoolchildren and others collected more than 400 of the rocks, weighing from just a few ounces to more than a pound.

The university researchers were able to connect the falling rocks with a huge rock far beyond Earth &ndash an asteroid in deep space. That big object may weigh a ton or more and probably has been circling the Sun for some 4.6 billion years.

When its path through the Solar System intersected the path of Earth, some of the rock's debris entered our atmosphere. One of those pieces, now called the Thuathe meteorite, exploded as it hit the atmosphere at speeds up to 70,000 mph. The explosion resulted in the thousands of smaller pieces which fell on nine villages in Lesotho.

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