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Flight: My Life in Mission Control book cover Flight: My Life in Mission Control
Brilliant Men and Women Who Achieved the Unimaginable
Chris Kraft

Penguin Putnam
Plume Books
In this insider's memoir, NASA's first flight director, Chris Kraft, describes his personal journey from a small-town American boy to a space flight visionary in the agency's mission control center.

The author's old friend, Neil Armstrong, the first human being to walk on the Moon, says Kraft's book is "a gripping recounting of the early manned space program from the man who was the 'Control' in Mission Control."

From the famous astronauts of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions, to the race to space against the Soviet Union, Kraft takes the reader inside the the U.S. space program for a first-hand peek at America's breathtaking accomplishments, its calculated gambles, and the near disasters.

Flight: My Life in Mission Control pays tribute to the brilliant men and women who collaborated together and achieved what once had been unimaginable. Kraft's work is an extraordinary account of the early major accomplishments of the American space program.

Another old friend, Frank Borman, commander of the Apollo 8 flight, said, "Every American should read Kraft's story."

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