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Europe's space rockets:
Ariane Today, Vega Tomorrow


ESA artist conception of Europe's future Vega rocket
ESA artist conception of
Europe's future Vega rocket
European Space Agency rockets are called Ariane and they are launched from pads at Kourou, French Guiana, on the northeastern edge of South America.

The Kourou space launch complex is known as Centre Spatial Guyanais. CSG is owned by the French national space agency, CNES.

CSG is used by the European Space Agency (ESA) and its commercial space launch arm Arianespace to blast ESA's Ariane rockets to space. Back in 1965, France launched a satellite to orbit from Hammaguir, Algeria, in North Africa. Today, France is part of the European Space Agency, which fires space rockets from Kourou.

In 1971, Great Britain launched a satellite to orbit from Woomera, Australia.

Italy has launched satellites from its San Marco Range, which is a pair of platforms in Formosa Bay three miles off the coast of Kenya. The San Marco platform is the launch pad. Santa Rita platform holds the firing control blockhouse. The range started firing rockets in 1966.

ESA member nations flags
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