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Mars Exploration Rovers 2003:

Opportunity's Color Photographs of Mars

Mars Exploration Rovers main story      Opportunity's First Pictures of Mars

Color photo of Opportunity sitting inside a crater       other pictures of the bedrock outcropping
A panoramic color picture of the outcropping of bedrock near the rover Opportunity.
Image credit: NASA/JPL       click image to enlarge

Color photo of Opportunity sitting inside a crater       Opportunity's first pictures of Mars

NASA JPL's Opportunity pictures gallery
Color photo from Opportunity's panoramic camera as the rover sits on its first day inside a crater at Meridiani Planum. The crater interior is the darkest landing site on Mars ever visited by a spacecraft from Earth. The soil looks like a mixture of coarse gray grains and fine reddish grains. The rim of the crater is about 32 feet from the rover. The crater probably is 65 feet in diameter. Numerous rock outcrops (top right) are dispersed around the crater.
Image credit: NASA/JPL       click image to enlarge

First color photo of the surface around the Opportunity landing site       Opportunity's first pictures of Mars

NASA JPL's Opportunity pictures gallery
The first color photo by Opportunity's panoramic camera of the martian landscape at Meridiani Planum. The surface around the rover has been disturbed by impressions left in the soil by the lander's airbag. The rover is on a flat, relatively dust-free plain rich in a mineral called gray hematite, which paints the ground a kind of charcoal brown color.
Image credit: NASA/JPL       click image to enlarge

Also see Spirit's first pictures of Mars      The 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers main story

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