Tracking Threatened Birds and Animals by Satellite
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Fish Internet

Teacher's Lesson Plan:
Environmental Science: Tracking Endangered Animals by Satellite

A lesson on how environmental scientists use satellites to track threatened birds, fish and animals, with an included worksheet

Group size:
    One or many students
  • To become aware that researchers can track threatened birds, fish and animals
  • To identify some species which can be tracked by satellite
  • To differentiate between visual tracking and radio tracking methods
  • To differentiate between tracking on the ground and by satellite
    Reading about endangered animals and tracking

    Class or group discussion about:

    • The kinds of birds, fish and animals that are endangered
    • Why scientists would want to observe those animals
    • The difficulties of observing animals in their natural habitats
    • What techniques lend themselves to observation

    After discussion and reading, individuals should complete a worksheet
    For each student:

    • Access to the Internet via ISP and web browser
    • Access to a world map or globe
    • Worksheet (print the worksheet at the bottom of this page)
    • Pencils, pens or markers

    For lesson:

    • Information and pictures of endangered animals at Space Today Online

Name Kind of Animal Location of Animal Other Information
Bluefin Tuna      
Barrows Goldeneye      
Demoiselle Cranes      
Tundra Swans      
Wood Storks      
Malaysia Elephant      
Northern Right Whale      
Porcupine Caribou      
Sea Turtles      
West Indian Manatees      

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