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Space Science and Astronomy Global Information Resources

Global Information Resources:
Deep Space

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Deep Space Astronomy

Information Center for New Star Gazers
Beginners guide to astronomy as a hobby

Ask the astronomer
Ask about cosmology, solar system, galaxies, careers, etc.

Curiosity Page
Questions are answered by grad students at Lick Observatory

Astronomy Picture of the Day
main index

Adventures in astronomy
Fun for amateur and professional astronomers

Cosmology and Astronomy
Roundup of Time magazine articles on questions about the Universe

General Astronomy Information from Royal Greenwich Observatory
FAQ frequently asked questions about astronomy

Astronomy Cafe
Ask the astronomer Q/A; careers; data/images links; Science Fair projects

Universe Today
Space exploration and astronomy news updated every weekday

Starman comic strip of astronomy
Jay Ryan's cartoons teach natural sky secrets humorously

Izzy's Skylog
Astronomy information source

Astronomy trivia and links to other astronomy pages

FAQ sci.astro
Universal astronomy newsgroup's astronomy FAQ

SkyView virtual observatory
Generates images of any part of the sky at wavelengths from radio to gamma-ray

Glossary of astronomy terms

CAS online
Calumet Astronomical Society resources and photo gallery

Astronomers' web pages

Mel Bartel's Astro Stuff
Heavy but interesting topics and tips

General astronomy information and telescope-building plans and projects

Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
News, skywatching guide, educational resources, exhibits, picture archive, bibliography.

American Scientist – Physics and Astronomy Archive
Full-text articles, abstracts, book reviews.

Astronomy Applets
University of Surrey, Department of Physics, applet and VRML simulations, educational sites.

Astronomy Notes
Nick Strobel, Bakersfield College, Department of Physical Science, introductory astronomy, non-mathematical illustrated overviews, review questions, introductory physics and astronomy, mathematics review, study skills, astronomy tables, glossary.

Astronomy Now
British astronomical magazine, observation, cosmology, history of space science, full-text of selected articles, videos, news archive.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Annotated astronomical images, Robert Nemiroff, Michigan Technological University, Jerry Bonnell, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Astronomy Unbound – A Virtual Astronomy Text
High school through college level, Department of Astronomy at the University of Hertfordshire, basic physics, the nature of stars, galaxies, Solar System, Sun, Universe, Big Bang.

Astrophysics Source Code Library Archive
Astrophysics, Robert J. Nemiroff, Michigan Technological University, John F. Wallin. George Mason University.

Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy
Part of Treasure Troves of Science website. Exploratorium Observatory
San Francisco Exploratorium website, auroras, sunspots, transits, solar eclipses, solar maxima. Build a Solar System.

Frequently Asked Questions About General Astronomy
FAQ assembled by John Simonetti, Virginia Tech, Department of Physics.
    Frequently Asked Questions About Astronomy and Physics
    From correspondence between John Simonetti. Department of Physics, Virginia Tech and middle school students. Black holes, Einstein, general astronomy and physics, light, lasers, pulsars, quasars, special relativity, stars.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Space agency homepage.
    Astrophysics Data System Virtual Library
    Part of NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), full-text online access to seven books in astronomy and astrophysics, including Martin V. Zombeck Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics.

    JPL Video Webcast Archive
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    Ask the Space Scientist
    Frequently asked astronomy questions by Sten Odenwald, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Solar System, the cosmos, space travel, relativity.

    Imagine The Universe!
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. For middle-school students and non-experts in astronomy. Astronomy, cosmology, space science, news features, scientist profiles, educational videos, a question-and-answer forum.

    NASA Space Calendar
    Ron Baalke, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dates of space-related activities, anniversaries, scientific meetings, launches, astronomical events.
National Air and Space Museum – Albert Einstein Planetarium
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Albert Einstein Planetarium. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy
Correcting common misconceptions about astronomy. Philip Plait, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Sonoma State University.

Germany's Max Planck Society. Fundamental physics questions, images videos.

Royal Observatory Greenwich
Exhibitions, news, educational leaflets.

The SETI Module
Science for the 21st Century, a Syracuse University course module for non-science majors. Cosmology, galaxies, stars, Solar System, search for intelligent life, glossary.

University of Oregon Hypertextbooks
Physics and astronomy. University of Oregon, Greg Bothun. Information notes, exams, homework questions and answers, star spectra lab.

University of Oulu Space Physics Textbook
Space Physics Group, University of Oulu, Finland, undergraduate-level site, heliosphere, magnetosphere, and ionosphere.

Windows to the Universe
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Earth and space sciences, Earth, Solar System, Universe, space missions, geology, history, myths.

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Earth and the Universe
Multimedia guide to stars and galaxies

Amateur astronomy online
For star gazers; virtual observing sessions; where sky objects are

StarTrax-NGB: The HEASARC Browse
A NASA web site at Goddard Space Flight Center

Yahoo's deep space index

Out of this World - The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas
Vintage star atlases in an exhibition of rare books from the Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Missouri

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Constellations and their Stars
88 constellations, stats, history, myths, stars, Messier objects, charts

Constellation of the Month

Deep Photographic Guide to the Constellations
Digital images of the sky

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Galaxy Features
All about galaxies, graphics, images, links to other web sites

Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies
Dr. Halton C. Arp's list for amateur astronomers

GalacticSky Charts
Clickable charts show star patterns where you are in the world

Dwarf Spiral Galaxies Page
Images of new class of galaxies; very small dwarf spirals

Galactic PNe data base Innsbruck
Technical information on galaxies

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Novas and Supernovas

Nova Country
Novae, supernovae, cataclysmic variables; hourly observervations

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Planetary Nebulae

Planetary Nebula Home Page
Planetary nebula

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Radio Pulsar Resources
Research sources about radio pulsars

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Telescopes in Space

Hubble Space Telescope Electronic Information Service

NASA Next Generation Space Telescope

The Space Infrared Telescope Facility

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Radio Telescopes

Web Window to the Invisible Universe
View through two of the world's largest radio telescopes

DSN Radio Astronomy
Radio astronomy with NASA's Deep Space Network

Radio Astronomy
How One Night in a Field Changed Astronomy

Canberra Deep Space Tracking Station
The Australian anchor of NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN)

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Optical Telescopes

Telescopes in Education Program

Hubble Space Telescope Electronic Information Service

Web pages about telescopes

Glossary for Telescope Buyers and Users

Meade telescope user group

Telescope Basics
Celetron telescopes

Small Telescopes
Site for beginners. What to do with a new telescope

Astronomia Amateur
For Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope users and astrophotography

Star Ware
Books and information on telescopes and accessories

Basic Star Testing

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Photography of Deep Space

Astronomy Picture of the Day
main index

Astronomy Scope
3-D images from Hubble images, Jupiter probe, etc.

Original artwork slides

Web pages with space and astronomy photos

Links to historical astronomy and space science photos

Astrophotography For the Amateur
Michael Covington's online course. Free exposure calculation software

Amateur astrophotography
German language, personal photography experience tips with pictures

Astrophotography mailing list archives

Maple Ridge Observatory
Brian Colville's astronomy site

Articles and resources

Astrophotography Gallery
Chris Vedeler's astrophotography tips and photos

Capella's Observatory
CCD images gallery, hypering tank temperature regulator, knife edge focuser, Daisy rifle scope conversion

Astrophotography Exposure Calculator
Print and assemble

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Observatories and Planetaria

Sky and Telescope's planetaria, museums and observatories directory

Observatories: SkyView virtual observatory
NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center

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Native American aboriginal astronomy
Lakota indian Black Hills constellations/4000-yr-old stone Medicine Wheels

Mayan Astronomy
Information on aboriginal astronomy by the Maya

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Advanced Astronomy

Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy
Encyclopedia of astronomy, science, formulas and derivations

Scientific Constants: Munich Astronomical Archive
Data on astronomical objects

Collaborative tool for astronomy and astrophysics researchers

Astronomy and astrophysics at NSSDC
Nasa site at Goddard Space Flight Center

Rufus's Galaxy
Steady State Galaxy Theory alternative to Big Bang Theory


Astronomy Research

Astronomy Software

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy
Misconceptions, mixups, blunders and malapropisms by news media. Bad TV, movies, news, briefs

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Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

SETI Institute

SETI League

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Astronomy International


SpaceLink -- Space Explorer's Guide
Space-related web information


Astronomy in Japan
In English, amateur activities, history, starlore


In French, astronomy, aeronautic, history, hardware, rendezvous

Strasbourg astronomical data center
Astronomy information database


Catalogo Deep Sky
In Italian, descrizione e immagini dal profondo cielo


Munich Astronomical Archive
Data on astronomical objects

Hagen, Volkssternwarte e. V. - Arbeitsgemeinschaft
In German, astronomy links



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Astronomy Textbooks and Courses

Astronomy HyperText Book

Astronomy Course for Middle and High School Students

History of Astronomy

Astronomy Courses -- colleges and universities

Astronomy Courses -- K-12

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Astronomy Clubs

Astronomy Clubs

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Miscellaneous Astronomy Resources

Star*s Family
Directories, dictionaries, databases on astronomy, space sciences

Space Exploration
Roundup of Time magazine stories on space exploration

List of astronomy sites on the Usenet

Astronomy organizations' web pages

Web pages about space science

Astronomy companies' web pages

Nerd World: Astronomy

The Electronic Universe Project

Center for Earth and Planetary Studies

Earth and Moon Viewer

Non-light-polluted sky viewing sites
Find your location at night among dark non-light polluted sites

STSCI Digitized Sky Survey
Find images of named objects and specific areas of RA and Dec.

QHO Observatory
Information on asteroid hunting. Lunar photo gallery

Astronomy cartoon strip with attitude

Tania's Space Stuff

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