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The Earth Observing System of Environmental Satellites

Terra satellite

TERRA is the flagship of NASA's Earth Observing System of satellites gazing down on our planet, measuring how land, ocean, air, ice and life work together. TERRA continuously maps Earth's land surface and measures heat, light and atmosphere to help scientists fathom environmental changes and human impact on future climates.
Aqua satellite

AQUA is about water, helping us fathom changing climates, global warming, heavy weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms of the century. AQUA continuously maps Earth's water system to help us understand whether global warming causes a deluge of heavy weather. It brings insight into our world's water cycle, precipitation and evaporation.
Aqua satellite

AURA is about trace gasses in the atmosphere so we can understand global climate change, global warming, global movement of polluted air, and ozone depletion in the stratosphere. AURA is part of a flotilla with Terra, Aqua, CloudSat, Parasol and Calipso. Their overlapping radars are about the role of clouds in weather and climate.

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