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Covering Space From Earth to the Edge of the Universe

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Important developments...
Curiosity rover lands on Mars
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  400 years of telescopes
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  Cassini Saturn tour extended
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  Pluto demoted, probe enroute
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  Messenger to Mercury 2008
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  Venus Express orbits planet
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  American plans for Moon, Mars
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Two Chinese spacewalkers
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  Falcon asteroid sample 2010
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  Rosetta to land on comet 2014
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  Jupiter icy moons 2020
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  Neptune icy Triton 2030
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  Private ship sails to space
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  NASA repaired the Hubble
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Water evidence found on Mars
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  Mars Phoenix lander at planet
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  Mars Express surveils planet
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  Tenth planet discovered?
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  Deep Impact into a comet
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  Stardust lands safely in Utah
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  Genesis buried stardust in Utah
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Outer Space is Exciting!
   The Sun    The Solar System
   Mercury Venus Earth
   Mars Jupiter Saturn
   Uranus Neptune Pluto
   Moons Asteroids    Comets


   The American Shuttle Fleet

   The Hubble Is Not Alone

   The Beauty of Hubble

   ESA's Jules Verne Cargo Tug

   America Returns to the Moon

   The Sun-Earth Connection

   Now There Are Only Eight

   The Mountains of Creation

   Coming Human flights to Mars

       NASA artist concept of future explorers on the Red Planet

   Japan's Falcon at Itokawa

   Found! The Tenth Planet

   The Voyagers At the Edge

   Deep Impact Shoots a Comet

   Galaxy Crossing Space Sails

   MESSENGER to Mercury

   Aura Aqua Terra The A Train

       NASA artist concept of environmental satellite Terra in orbit

   Cassini Arrives at Saturn

   Swift Hunts Gamma-Ray Bursts

   MTO to relay Martian Internet

   Genesis Buries Stardust in Utah

   Jupiter Icy Moon Orbiter

   SMART-1 Mapping the Moon

   Safe return home for Stardust

       NASA artist concept of Stardust sample return capsule landing in Utah

   Mars, Mercury, Comets, Sun
       The Discovery Probes

   Coming Soon Iran in Space

   European Astronomy Sats

   Rovers Drive Across Mars


   Final Report Columbia Tragedy

   Testing Einstein's Theory

   Telescope 400th Anniversary

     Human Spaceflight:
          Gagarin to Melvill
          Endurance Records
          Native American
          Record Number of Flights
          Space Tourists
          Space Treks
          Crew Transport
          Private Spaceflight
          rocket entry in X-Prize contest

   Sun Crossing Venus Transit

   Data Mining Virtual Observatory

   Largest Infrared Telescope

   Hubble Snags Space Bug

   Asteroid Will Miss Earth

   Spending Money for Space

   Are Black Holes Fuzzballs?

   China's Second Manned Flight

       Chinese artist concept of Shenzhou in orbit

   On Pluto A Warm Winter!

   On Neptune It's Springtime!

   Huge Antarctic Ozone Hole

   Satellite Portrait Mt. Everest

   Iraq Afghan Satellite Wars


   Milky Way Planet Hunters

   Future Space Rockets
       21st Century Visions

       Artist concept of laser light spacecraft

   Russian Dogs Animals in Space

   Dark Mysteries Sedna, Quaoar

   Are Comets SARS Source?

   Jupiter's Amazing 61 Moons

   What the heck is a Magnetar?

   Atlantis of the Sands Ubar

   Swords Into Plowshares

   Satellite Tracking of
       Endangered Animals

   Network Talking in Deep Space

       NASA photo of Deep Space Network antennas

   Everywhere Water Water

   Hearing Radio From Jupiter


   Black Hole Farthest Away

   Earth Ancient Astronomy

   Space How High Is It?

   The Extraordinary History of
       Amateur Radio Satellites

       Amateur radio satellite AO-40

   New American Space Rockets

   300 Flights Delta  Proton

   Search for Meteorites

   American Weather Satellites

       Artist concept POES weather satellite

   Tuning the Energy Spectrum

   Sunspot Cycle Solar Maximum

   Close Call Rock Buzzes Earth

   Pioneering Americans Lived
       Aboard Mir Space Station

   Space Station Astronauts
       Chat with School Students

Coming Departures:
   Worldwide Launch Schedule
   NASA's Schedule
   NASA's Missions
   Europe's Schedule
   China's Schedule
   Solar System Probes
   Shuttle Fleet Final Flights
   Rosetta Europe's comet lander
       due at comet in 2014
   New Horizons Pluto probe
       due at Pluto in June 2015
   Mars Science Laboratory
       Curiosity rover landed 2012
   MESSENGER orbiter
       flew by Venus 2006 & 2007
       fly-by Mercury 2008 & 2009
       in Mercury orbit 2011
   China's Chang'e 2 moon probe
   Venus Express European probe
   CALIPSO/CloudSat Earth sats
   Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
   Stardust sample brought to Earth
   Deep Impact comet impactor
   SMART-1 orbits the Moon
   Genesis returns to Earth
   Cassini at Saturn
   Rovers on Mars
   Mars Express orbits Mars
   A-Train Earth observing sats
   SSETI Express hamsat
   PCsat 2 hamsat
   VuSat hamsat
   Echo hamsat
   Progress ISS freighters
   Soyuz ISS crew transports

Space Shuttles:
  History of the Shuttle Fleet
  Shuttle Fleet Final Flights
  Schedule Details
  Jules Verne Cargo Tug
  Return to Space
  Columbia Tragedy
  2002 Highlights
  6,000 Flags & 9-11
  Past Flights
  Watch a launch

   NASA photo of a space shuttle flying upward
  Columbia Tragedy
   "The Journey Will Continue"
Solar System:
  A Quick Tour
  The Mystery Planetoid
  Now There Are Eight Planets
Current Planet Probes:
  Mercury:  Messenger
  Earth:Terra Aqua Aura
  Pluto:New Horizons
   Deep Impact
  America plans Human Flights
to the Moon and Mars
  Space explorations by year

Saturn Cassini News:


   Surveying the System
   Best Equipped Ever
   Moons and Rings

Mars Rover News:

   NASA artist concept of Mars Rover on the Red Planet

   Driving Across Mars
   Rock Gallery
   Was There Ever Water?
   Mars Travels Near Earth

Space Exploration @ Flickr
photos in Space Exploration More photos in Space Exploration
Space & Astronomy in Review:
   2009    2008    2007
   2006    2005    2004
   2008    2007    2004    2003
   2002    2001    2000    1999
   1998    1997    1996    Today
   Most Space Spending
   NASA's Vision
Top Space/Astronomy News:
   2008    2007
   2002    2001    2000
   1999    Earlier
Top Ten Astronomy Pix:
    2009     2008    2007    2006
20th Century:
    Top Space Stories
    Top Space Scientists

  American Spaceflight 50th Anniv
  Human Spaceflight 50th Anniv
  Sputnik 50th Anniversary
  Apollo 40th Anniversary
  Explorer 50th Anniversary
  From Gagarin to Melvill
  The Millennium
  Human Firsts
  Space Factoids
  Apollo Moon
  Endurance Records
  Space Women

   Astronaut Susan Helms
Human Spaceflights:

   First in Space
   Most Trips
   Record Trips
   Native American
   Eating   Sleeping
   Heavenly Marriage
   Most Time in Space
   Private Astronauts

Spacefaring Nations:

   Lost Tidbits
   Forgotten Stories
   Satellite Lookup
   GPS Sats   War Sats
   Hamsats   Suitsat  
   Hand Launched Sats
   European Satellites
   Tracking Sats
   Astronomy Sats
   Mt. Everest at 50
   Iran in Space?
   Sputnik 50th Anniversary
   Explorer 50th Anniversary
   Maintenance Satellites
   Dawn of the Space Age

   21st Century
   Europe's Vega
   Brazil's Difficulties
   U.S. Delta 4, Atlas 5
   America's 300th Delta
   Russia's 300th Proton
   Spaceflight Museum

Space Station:
   Jules Verne Cargo Tug
   Fifth Year
   Third Anniversary
   Current Crew
   Lift Schedule
   Virtual World

Altitude Chart:
   How high is up?
   Where does space begin?
Area 71:
   Intelligence Assets
Space Scrapbook:
   Dogs SARS
   Women Record
   Students Teachers
   Plowshares   Tragedy
   Change Spectrum

Earth Observation:
   Aqua Aura
   Terra CloudSat
   Calipso   Parasol

Global Positioning:
   Europe Galileo GPS

   Significant Episodes

Virtual Worlds:
  Virtual Worlds
  Photo Tour
  Int'l Space Station
  Int'l Spaceflight Museum
  NASA in Second Life
  NOAA in Second Life
  STO's The Space Place
  Space Sites in Second Life
  Stone's Point Park

Science Fiction:
  Science Fiction News
  Star Trek 2009

   Scott   Herrington
   Ross   Tereshkova
   Melvill   Gagarin
   Kepler   Bluford
   Morgan   Husband
   Jemison   Tito
   Krikalev   Morin
   Crawford   Avdeyev
   Anderson   Sharman
   Clark   Chang-Diaz
   Shuttleworth   Voss
   Brown   Armstrong
   Chawla   Thomas
   Malenchenko   Ride
   Resnik   McCool
   Garver   Ramon
   Bass   Linnehan
   Binnie   Bursch
   Olsen   Glenn
   Walz McAuliffe
   Helms   Blaha
   Foale   Lucid
   Linenger   Thagard
   Wolf   Collins
   Thornton   Fisher
   Sullivan   Kondakova
   Helms   Whitson
   Savitskaya   Schirra
   Chernyshov   Sevastyanov
   Schirra   Slayton
   Grissom   Cooper
   Reiter   Shepard
   Titov   Kennedy
   Carpenter   Lindsey

   Columbia STS-107 crew

AP Space Histories
   The Race to the Moon
   International Space Station Tour
   The Hubble Space Telescope
      Hubble Repair Mission
      Images from Repaired Hubble
   Phoenix Landing on Mars
   Lunar Rover Testing
   Lunar Eclipse Around the World
Google Space News
   Deep Space
   Solar System
   Space Shuttles
   Space Station

CNN 100 Story Roundups
   Space Shuttles
   Mars Exploration
   Space Technology
   Manned Space Flight
   Unmanned Exploration
   Space Spotlight Photos
   Planet in Peril
   Edge of Discovery

Time Magazine
   Space and Astronomy

   Search STO
   STO Video Movies
   Research Resources
   What's New?
   About STO
   STO Poll
   STO's The Space Place
Question Box:
   Read & Ask

       Apollo 15 moon buggy rover
       Moon Buggy?
   Inspiring Resources
   Lesson Plans
   Book Reviews
   Teacher in Space
   Research Resources
   Mars in Middle School
   Accessible Universe
Space Weather:
   Current Space Weather
   Current Propagation
   NOAA SEC Today
   Today's Sun Image
   Sun Earth Connection
   Sunspot Cycle
   Solar Maximum
   Earth Weather
   Antarctic Ozone Hole
   Radiation Belts
   Earth Observing System
   U.S. Weather Satellites
   Natural Disaster Resources
Space Calendars:
   Kennedy Space Center
   Vandenberg AFB
   Europe    Japan
   Back in the day
NASA art concept of Hubble in space Deep

   Grains of Sand on a Beach
   Messier and Other Objects
   Hunting Planets
       Along the Milky Way
   Water Water Everywhere
   Tracing Ancient Astronomy
   Mysteries of Deep Space
   Puzzling Gamma Bursts
   Lucy in the Sky is a Diamond
Great Observatories:
   The telescope:
     400th Anniversary
   Hubble     Chandra
   Spitzer     Compton
   stories »
   new pictures:
  Chandra image of spiral galaxy NGC 3079
  Crab Pulsar imaged by Hubble Space Telescope
  First test image after SIRTF launch
  Milky Way by CGRO
   See Hubble's Beauty »
   Hubble Is Not Alone »

   Planet Hunters
    NASA artist concept of a planet near a distant star

   A telescope on Earth
   Hubble: Changed Universe
   New: Virtual Observatory
   Neptunians discovered
   Oldest U.S. Observatory
   WorldWide Telescope
   Space Spotlight
   Radio JOVE

   Jupiter imaged by radioastronomy
   What is that?
   Meridiani Isidis
   Meteora Churchill
   Gusev Wild
   Jiuquan Baikonur
   Tanegashima Kourou
   Sriharikota Alcantara
   Canaveral Vandenberg
   Kodiak Cleveland
   Andoya Mawson
   Palmachim Okeanos
   Barents Sea Woomera
   Rub al Khali Phnom Penh   
   Goldstone Angkor
   Barringer    Xichang
   Nacogdoches Ubar
   Plesetsk Osceola
   Syowa Alcantara
   Callao Ellijay
   Cheshire Samarkand
   Sudbury Ganymede
   Tranquility Saratov
   Peenemuende    Mojave
   Marambio Kebira
   Callisto Vernadsky
   Mauna Kea    Canberra
   Stonehenge    Cardiff

   Artist concept of Saturn

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