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Can a virtual world be beautiful? Can a computer-simulated environment where life is represented by three-dimensional graphical representations on a monitor screen offer a meaningful design or pattern that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind? Maybe. Most of the more than 12 million residents of Second Life would say yes. In fact, when asked what they like to do best in Second Life, many will say explore. They travel the length and breadth of the land and across the sea in search of new discoveries of beautiful places and things in regions previously unknown to them. They savor the shapes, colors and personality of the virtual world.

A saltbox fishing cabin in Second Life   Sunrise over Mysteria in Second Life
An early season snowfall in Second Life
July 4 fireworks at Hillary Clinton HQ   The Wastelands silo and propellor
Myst Island outdoors   Wheelies nightclub
9-11 memorial   Myst Island indoors
Stone's Point pirates memorial   Svarga
Gray Church   New Castle
Sunrise Noon
Sunset Midnight
Tiffa Checchinato and Zsagabor Verne dancing   See the short video clip: Dancing The Night Away

Dancers at left are Tiffa Checchinato and Zsagabor Verne
Dancers in video, left to right, are Sage Bright, Tiffa Checchinato, Zsagabor Verne, Stone Semyorka, Hotwheels Dawg
Location: UNCP in SL, virtual world campus of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke
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