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What is a Second Life?

Portraits of Some Second Life Residents
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avatar portrait avatar portrait avatar portrait
avatar portrait avatar portrait avatar portrait
Photography by Stone Semyorka at the Stoneflower Photography Studio in Second Life
Second Life is a three-dimensional virtual-reality world developed by Linden Research, Inc. (a.k.a. Linden Lab), a San Francisco company, and born on the Internet in 2003. Where did it come from? Who's there?

Second Life is the best known virtual world at this time with some 30 million residents. What's it like?

Second Life is a social environment where people learn, explore, work, shop and play.

An individual user experiences telepresence – a sense of presence or being present somewhere with other people and objects. Second Life residents interact on-screen via their 3D graphical avatar representatives. How sociable is it?

Residents meet other residents, socialize, explore together, shop together, build things together, play together, participate in individual and group activities, undertake manufacturing and commercial wholesale and retail activities, create and trade their virtual property and services. Do I need money to be a resident?

Membership in SL is free while there is available an advanced paid level called premium. Is it a game?

Second Life is not a game. It does not have rules, points, scores, winners, losers, levels, an end-strategy, or most of the other characteristics of games.
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