NASA artist's concept of SOHO at the Sun
NASA artist concept of SOHO and the Sun
Sunspots, Solar Wind and Other Mysteries of Our Star
  • The Sun Begins Its Long Climb To the Next Solar Maximum As Sunspot Cycle 24 Begins
  • Sunspots Peak at Solar Maximum
  • Halloween Storms on the Sun Shock Earth
  • Twin Peaks in the Latest Solar Maximum?
  • Genesis Brings Stardust Down to Earth
  • What Is a Space Weather Forecast?
  • The Sun in Extreme Ultraviolet Light
  • Sun Watching Satellite SOHO is Back
  • Solar Tornadoes As Wide As The Earth
  • Magnetic Fields Superheat the Sun
  • Mammoth Hurricanes on the Sun
  • Gas Heading the Wrong Way
  • Measuring Energy from the Sun
  • Current Solar and Geophysical Activity
  • Protecting Earth from Sun Eruptions
  • Today's SOHO Images of the Sun
  • Sun and Sunspots Research Resources
  • STEREO twin sats study Sun eruptions
  • The Planet Earth Today

  • The Solar System
    Star: The Sun  
    Inner Planets: Mercury Venus Earth Mars  
    Outer Planets: Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
    Other Bodies: Moons Asteroids Comets Sedna Quaoar
    Beyond: Pioneers Voyagers  

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