Image of the aurora surrounding Jupiter's moon Io History of Science:

Teacher's Lesson Plan:
History of Science: Astronauts

A history lesson about those men and women who pioneered space exploration and travel, with an included worksheet

Group size:
    One or many students
  • To become aware that there were pioneers of space exploration and travel
  • To identify some of the early astronauts who prepared the way for others
  • To comprehend social and political conditions at the dawn of the Space Age
  • To appreciate the degree of difficulty in researching and traveling in space
  • To understand why men and women developed space science
  • To differentiate among space practices at different places on the globe
    Reading about men and women who carried out the early exploratory work in space

    Class or group discussion about:

    • The social and political conditions at the beginning of the Space Age
    • The reasons humans developed space science
    • The people who were the pioneers of space science
    • The locations of early space science practitioners around the world
    • The difficulty in conducting space research and travel

    After discussion and reading, individuals should complete a worksheet
    For each student:

    • Access to the Internet via ISP and web browser
    • Access to a world map or globe
    • Worksheet (print the worksheet at the bottom of this worksheet)
    • Pencils, pens or markers

    For lesson:

    • Information and pictures of space exploration and travel at Space Today Online

Name Kind of Work Best Noted For Other Interesting Information
Valentina Tereshkova      
Jake Garn      
Buzz Aldrin      
Mohammed Faris      
Yuri Gagarin      
Story Musgrave      
Sally Ride      
Gus Grissom      
Valery Polyakov      
Frank Borman      
John Glenn      
Christa McAuliffe      
Neil Armstrong      
Molly Brown      
Alan Shepard      
Guion Bluford      
Jean-Loup Chretien      
Gherman Titov      
Deke Slayton      
Wally Schirra      
Alexei Leonov      
Challenger Seven      
Pete Conrad      
Mae Jemison      

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