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What we know about Mars:

Statistics Reveal the Red Planet

  • The gravity of Mars is only 38 percent as strong as the gravity of Earth.

  • The atmosphere of Mars is composed mainly of:
    • carbon dioxide – 95.3 percent
    • nitrogen – 2.7 percent
    • argon – 1.6 percent
  • The highest point on Mars is Olympus Mons, a volcano more than 16 miles tall. Astronomers say it is the tallest mountain in the Solar System.

  • It takes Mars about 687 Earth days – almost two Earth years – to revolve around the Sun.

  • The three ages in the geologic history of Mars were the:
    • Noachian Era – 3.8 to 3.5 billion years ago
    • Hesperian Era – 3.5 to 1.8 billion years ago
    • Amazonian Era – 1.8 billion years ago to the present
  • Distance from Sun average 141.6 million miles (227.9 million kilometers)
    Year length 687 days
    Day length 24 hours 37 minutes 23 seconds
    Inclination of axis 23 degrees 59 minutes
    Diameter at equator 4,210 miles (6,787 kilometers)
    Mass 0.107 of Earth
    Specific density 3.9 when water=1
    Atmosphere 95% carbon dioxide, 2% argon, 3% nitrogen
    Surface temperature average -19° F, -23° C
    Natural satellites Phobos and Deimos

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